BensouTech offers a comprehensive selection of services geared towards improving the value that our clients receive through technology. With a service process that incorporates agile methodology, we are able to produce quality solutions at a fast pace. Our commitment to our clients is based on innovation, excellence and the creation of flexible solutions for our clients.

Responsive Web Development
Responsive web design is an essential multi-platform web design approach that emphasis consistent and accessible navigation across smartphones, PCs, tablets and other platforms. The goal of responsive design is to create a positive and stable user experience regardless of how the website is accessed, through a design that minimizes scrolling and brings the content to the forefront. With experienced web architects and engineers, we can create a robust responsive framework for any software product.

Software Project Consulting
Our broad portfolio of software project consulting services include many diverse technologies through which we can resolve key business challenges. We offer project management, agile consulting, application development, application testing, support and maintenance services to suit any business.

Extended Teams/Contingent Resources
Many companies find it difficult to secure skilled and professional services within the project management and IT industry. Our core competence is in contingent staffing, and we can absolutely ensure the proper resources to increase your company's competitive edge. We can quickly and effectively fill any of your staffing needs.

Research and Analytics
BensouTech offers incredible resources for the purposes of business intelligence and analytics. We can help you turn your raw data into actionable information, offer you insight into your company's activities and help you create an immediate response based on your data. You can measure the overall performance of your company, discover trends and use analytic data for decision-making. BensouTech can provide a scalable business intelligence foundation with multiple data source integration and multi-dimensional analysis.

IT Maintenance and Support
Companies today have an extensive assortment of IT maintenance and support needs. Software support needs tend to be a large part of any company's budget. BensouTech offers software re-engineering, forward engineering, system performance check-ups, system testing and minor repair services. Not only can we help maintain your existing software systems, but we can even make them better.